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--- Dre James ---

Have you ever wondered what a conversation built on “culture” and “technology” would sound like? I imagine it would be gritty but cutting edge, straight lines with jaw-dropping truths. Think water cooler conversations with dynamic industry leaders who can make sense of life’s most pressing questions. We believe “Tech-nical Talks” is a curation of thought that will create inspiration, impact, and instruction through casual conversation. No frills. No hidden agenda. Real people using technology and culture to bring real truth back to the art of dialogue. We are unapologetically seeking a pathway toward collective truth with a singular focus toward health, wealth, and happiness. You come to the show curious and leave engaged and empowered. We believe the journey to curating culture starts with truth. You deserve it. The culture deserves it. And our job is to over deliver. We invite you to take this journey with us to hear talented people plant the necessary seeds to grow our thought community each week on Tech-nical Talks. Tap in.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Technical Talks Season 1, Episode 6: Evolving how we Train.

    Some people are gifted in teaching men. Others are talented in developing young men into becoming men. This episode highlights two absolutely talented and courageous performance coaches both at the top of their game: leading men, and teaching young men to become men. NY Knicks Strength and Conditioning Coach and ...


  2. The Business of Health.

    Develop your Skill. The idea of finding your way with health and wellness is a long, customized journey for many of us. Health is Wealth. We have an expert, arguably one of the best minds in the world on this show to help explain the Business of Health. ...


  3. Episode 4: Storytelling 101

    Making an impact and making it quickly don't come easy. The power of networks can build career, process, self esteem, and generational wealth. Listen how community service and community servants dedicate their life to serving community. Log on to for more original content from Technical Talks. ...


  4. Episode 3: NFL Draft Prospect Deondre Francois

    The ex-Hampton and Florida State quarterback working to get another shot at the NFL discusses his journey of redemption back to the top.  ...


  5. Episode 2: Intersection of Comedy and Community

    A roundtable conversation discussing the intersection of comedy and community. Iconic funny man Aries Spears talks industry, culture, and life.  ...